Thursday, November 13, 2008

Google is the best

I really love google. You can find anything on it! My new favorite feature that we added to our settings is the predict a phrase, I guess you would call it. It pulls up the most popular searched phrase that starts with the words you enter. The other day I was trying to find out how to do something so I typed in "how to " and these were the most popular searches:

how to tie a tie - 52, 800,000 searches

how to kiss - 64, 500,000 searches

how to lose weight - 3,360,000 searches

how to make money - 60, 300,000 searches

but this was my favorite . . .

how to get pregnant - 5,160,000 searches

I am guessing some people never paid attention in health class with that one!

Ha! Ha!


Julia M. said...

Is that why you were looking at it? To figure out how to get pregnant? :) I sure hope so!

Randyman5775 said...

I use that all the time, but had never thought much about the other things that come up and how many hits they get. This creates a whole new level of amusement to the web!