Saturday, September 20, 2008

Need I Say More?

Go Cougs!


Ben and KoriAnn said...

No, you there is nothing more to say about it! They are doing awesome. Did you get my e-mail about the UNLV game?

Chad and Ashley said...

Boo! Need I say more! (Now imagine me doing the tomahawk(sp?) chop going oooo-eee-oooo.

mitch said...

All I can say is that Ashley needs to make up her mind which teams she is going to go for and stick to it. Also, we'll see who busts the BCS.

Chad and Ashley said...

Okay Mitch here's the breakdown of my team ratings.
1. Utah State
2. University of Utah
3. UVU (go wolverines)
4. SUU
5. Weber
6. Dixie State
7. SLCC (go bruins)
8. Snow
9. Stevens Henegers
10. College of Massage Therapy
11. Last and definitely least is BYU!

mitch said...
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mitch said...

I guess you have nothing to brag about and probably won't for a really long time if your number one pick is Utah State.

Julia M. said...

Yep. Love the Cougs.

Chad and Ashley said...

Sad but true Mitch. Basketball? The only thing we can hope for at the football games is for them to make funny mistakes that we can laugh at. Last year at the Utah vs. USU game, Utah was punting it to USU and one of our guys just wasn't paying attention, and the ball hit him right in the leg. Since he touched it, Utah was able to get it and run for a touchdown. It was so funny! I've never laughed so hard in my life. THen the mascot (Big Blue) came out in a big blowup suit, and he tipped over and couldn't get up again. Good times. Someone had to come lift him off the field.