Thursday, February 28, 2008

Pam 6.0

Pam on the office
Pam 6.0 or "hot girl" on the office

A pretty girl can get anything. Case in point. I went to buy some shoes last night. Ok, I wasn't dressed the cutest. I might have been in my comfy clothes but who cares. I did have make-up on though. There was this other girl there and she was all cutely dressed up and her hair looked great. So, I was feeling very disheveled compared to her. Keep in mind I am at an athletic shoe store buying running shoes so most likely the salesperson would be a guy. Well, it was and he was totally paying attention to the other girl way more than me! I was so ticked! It took forever for him to help me. So, that girl was Pam 6.0 and I was just Pam. I really should get ready more often.


Luke and McKenzie said...

I HATE when that happens!! I totally know the feeling. Plus doesn't it always seem like when you leave the house looking gross you run into pretty much everybody that you know? At least that always happens to me!
P.S. Gotta love the Office...Pam 6.0!

Chad, Ashley, and Logan said...

I agree with Mckenzie. Whenever I leave the house looking gross I run into so many people! Strangely that post just made me miss the office, and really excited for it to come back on.