Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Our favorite moments...

So Mitch and I have had some pretty entertaining jobs these last few years. We both have worked with special needs individuals and Mitch has been working at the state hospital a.k.a. "the mental hospital" as many people might know it by (although that is totally not PC!) Anywhoo, we thought we would let you all know of our top 5 favorite moments or quotes from these jobs.

Working with special needs individuals-
5. Consider the Lillies of the Field and NSYNC.
I would always catch one of the guys singing and praying in his room. One time I came to his house and he was belting "Consider the Lillies" in his room. Then, another time I walked in on him singing NSYNC's "Bye, Bye, Bye" and he was doing the dance! Seriously! He was so good ( for a special needs guy). I will never forget it!
4. Bacon (Megann) and Bitch (Mitch, excuse my language!) should get married.
So our favorite down syndrome guys couldn't say our names with m's very well. So, he endearingly called me Bacon...and unfortunately Mitch's name ended up being a naughty word. Anways, he gets up in special needs institute and starts to bear his testimony about how Mitch and I should get married (we were dating at the time). He thought he was so dang funny. He was laughing so hard he was crying. So cute!
3. The walker.
One of the guys would always call everyone "Old man" and "old woman." So for one birthday present Steve, one of our favorites with down syndrome, bought him a walker and made us sing a rap birthday song.
2. "Eddie Murphey's not in the Bible!" and special needs institute. They are crazy and so hilarious! One time we were talking about a talking donky in the Bible and they were supposed to guess who it was. One girls yells out "Eddie Murphey!" It was so dang funny. Our good friend Willie then says, "Eddie Murphey's not in the Bible!"
1. "I"m guilty!" So there were these two ladies that lived together. Well, when one of them had come home from work she noticed that her sugar free cookies were gone. So, she asks her roommate and her roommate starts to cry. The crying roommate then starts yelling "I'm guilty!" and she keeps on saying it over and over. She then gets on her stationary bike and starts pedalling the heck out of it yelling and crying, "I'm guilty!" Seriously it was the funniest moment ever. I had to seriously hold it in to not start laughing. So, now if Mitch and I ever feel guilty about something we yell it like that and act like we are pedalling.

"The Mental Hospital"- I am writing these for Mitch so if they are not right, oops!
1. When one of the guys' pants fell down when he was on the treadmill. So, he was then hanging on to the rails while the treadmill was still going and has pants were off and he wouldn't let go! I wish I could have been there!

2. A guy telling the staff that he is going to get surgery on his leg... and here is the catch. He told them the doctors were going to use a cheese grater.

3. Lazy A! One of the patients told another patient that he was a lazy A (he said the real word) and that is why he never did any exercises in physical therapy. So, the one who was called the name goes over and punches the other guy. Needless to say there was an emergency code called throughout the entire hospital and the guys had to be taken down. Oh, the memories.


Chad, Ashley, and Logan said...

Hi Bacon, that was seriously hilarious! I am in the computer lab at school and I am just laughing my head off! I look pretty crazy myself right now. I love the lazy "a" story.

Erika said...

Those stories totally made my day! I laughed so hard! Good times...I wish I had some that great.

Julia M. said...

Oh my goodness! I'm still laughing! I love working with people with disabilities--they are so simple! I'm glad for the update.

Luke and McKenzie said...

Oh my!!! Good thing there are moments at work that make us laugh!!! That was a great list of favorites!

BrittWilk said...

I just found your comment... and therefore your blog too! Yeah!! You guys are hilarious. None of my jobs have ever provided that much humor!!

Amanda Jackson said...

LAZY A! That is probably one of my favorite stories!