Tuesday, July 30, 2013

So, how are you feeling??

Uh, I hate to be so negative but I am not lovin' this whole pregnancy thing. I get wicked back and rib pain enough to make me have to lie down all day, oh the heartburn, the painfully itchy belly, sciatic pain that makes we waddle, and the crazy fatigue.  Too bad I am only 7 months!! Anyone else want to chime in? 
I am told it is all worth it in the end :) So, here is to hoping October 20th gets here soon!

Funny fact (or not so funny fact), you know how the rule of thumb is to only gain a few pounds during the first trimester? Well, I gained the big 'ole 10. Seriously? I was so freakin' sick even until about 22 weeks. What the??

I do have one positive thing to say. Seeing and feeling her kick is the best thing ever! :)))


Erika said...

No worry on the weight gain! It happens. You have to eat to get rid of the nausea and then...it adds up. Also, I get TERRIBLE heart burn with my pregnancies. I always end up on prilosec. Life saver! You'll be there soon.

Ashley said...

Just do what I did, and stop looking at the scale at the doctors office. Especially after I ate a whole box of granola bars. :) I have a suspicion that the babies were growing in my butt. Or maybe it was the granola bars. Can't wait to see the cute little lady! Hope you feel better! Maybe when it cools down? Here's to hoping!

Donna said...

So sorry to hear about the back pain, and other problems. Hopefully, time will go by fast, and you will have your baby girl in your arms. Then all of this will be forgotten.

Bethany said...

Yeah... it does happen. I am one of those women that gains like 60 pounds when I am pregnant even if I only eat broccoli. And yes, it is worth it (but it is still ok to complain about it).