Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Tales of critical care . . . Grey's Anatomy is partially correct

In October I started a new position at an awesome hospital here in Nashville. I am working in the surgical ICU, or SICU if you want to be cool and know the lingo. I am not very smart. Let me explain why. I was going to do critical care right after graduation and had the opportunity to do so because I did my internship in critical care. But, I didn't. Somedays I wish I would have just done that right after graduation because I would be so much further along. 4 years later and here I am, starting over in a way. It is such a toss up. I learned so many valuable lessons at my other positions over the last few years. I have learned how to assess a patient with my eyes and instincts rather than by machines. Also, I learned a lot about people, the good and bad. But, I feel like if that is what I originally wanted to do what took me so long?! Well, here I am. Training for a new job . . . again. I have had so much to learn and re-learn. I have forgotten so many things! It is sad.

Does this look intimidating? I really feel bad for families when they have to walk in a room that looks like this. If I didn't know anything medical I would be frightened out of my mind!

This picture cracks me up. Critical care nurses are really not that cool.

 Now on to Grey's Anatomy. I have worked in a lot of teaching facilities which means I am surrounded by interns (21st grade), residents (23rdish grade), and fellows (25ish grade). This hospital is a teaching facility and I just have to say that there is a lot of shenanigans that go down. I mean these doctors are at the hospital every day for 12 hours or more a day. So, they have to get their flirting action on (and more than flirting *snicker*) somewhere.
Here's the deal. Imagine what you look like after working 7 days straight for 16 hours or more. This is where TV gets it wrong. This is what they look like on Grey's.

Yeah, not so much, this is what they really look like . . .
I really have a lot of respect for doctors. A lot of nurses are very negative and have harsh words for doctors. I tend to think differently (for the most part). They put in a lot of schooling, sacrifice a lot (including sleep!), and work insane hours. I guess it all pays off when they are attending physicians but man oh man, I think it would be rough getting there!

 I would have the greasiest hair of them all! :)


Erika said...

Oh megs, you make me laugh! My favorite line was the greasiest hair of them all. sorry, you have to relearn everything, but I'm sure you'll do great once it all comes back.

Ashley said...

Meg so funny! Sad, my hair is always the grease monster. I figure I look signifigantly better than most of my patients that look like death warmed over and the interns and residents that haven't been home in days. Also, do they have Grey's Anatomy scrubs out there in Nashy? They have a brand here named after them. I've never tried any (I hate buying scrubs, would rather spend my money on real clothes), but maybe then we would look like they do on Greys. I guess I would have to wash my hair first. You crack me up Meg! Just remember you are the shiz!

Kassie said...

So funny! Meg, i respect the nursing industry so much! I could never... I would have permanemt no bones! I miss you like crazy!