Wednesday, July 27, 2011

You know "those" couples that have pets before they have kids?

Well . . . we are them. They are us.

I used to make fun of "those" couples. Seriously, I thought it was so stupid that people would get pets before they have kids. I mean, if they can afford pets, can't they afford kids? Do they really think that having pets prepares them for kids? Lame.

Alas, here we are. Not only do we have our awesome cat, Gabby

But, we now have a doggie!!!!!

Everyone, meet Sage . . .

Sage Louisa Peterson. Why in the heck did we give her a middle name? Because I always have to say so and so "poo" or something cheesy like that. So, I call her Sagee Lou. I am kind of ridiculous I know.

Sage is 4 months old. Yes, 4 months and she is already that big. She is a Belgian malinois mix. Belgian malinois are basically the Dutch version of German Shephards and are a medium size dog vs. a large size (German Shephard). She is a rescue dog. She was found with her brother wandering along a major highway.

Interesting factoid. Belgian malinois breeds are awesome. Why? A Belgian malinois was used in killing Bin Ladin.

Once upon a time (about 3-4 years ago) Mitch was watching a dog show. Yep, he watches dog shows. Anyways, he saw a "mali" on one (the "cool" people who have malinois call them "mali") and has been obsessed with getting one ever since. If I could count how many times he talked about one it would probably be equivalent to the amount of times I have looked at this blog, Needless to say, he has been obsessing about getting this dog.

Problem, they are purebreds. Purebreds used for police training and killing Osama = $$$$.

So, when he found Sage through a rescue organization and that she was a malinois mix we just knew it was the closest to getting his dream dog right now.

This breed is very agile, physical and super smart. Oh, and they love to be with their companions. That means we have to keep her busy physically and mentally.

We have to walk/run her every morning and night.

How does the kitty like her? Well, she doesn't love her and probably never will but she is tolerating her more and more every day. Hissing was very common the first few days. Poor Sage just wants to play with Gabby but Gabby can't stand how hyper she is.

Here is the lamest part. I feel like I have a toddler or baby. We have to be on a "schedule." I constantly have to watch her. I have to keep her occupied or she tears things up. She always wants a snack. Potty training. Teething. We have to keep things out of her reach. She eats random things off the floor (she ate a ketchup packet the other day, great. Thought she did smush a cockroach the other day which I appreciated). I have to learn how to discipline her properly. She falls and runs into things and just plops around. Seriously, I even worry about her during the day.

We really want to train her right so that doesn't become destructive due to her intelligence or so that she doesn't harm anyone by her physicality.

Here to being one of "those" couples!!!

**I really hope to blog more. I hope to update you on these topics: Mitch's b-day, our 6th anniversary tomorrow for which we have planned nothing because we are kind of broke, why we are broke, 4th of July, my flowers that I have dutifully attended to this summer, Mitch's clinicals, car accident, wounds with cockroaches, our neighborhood, The Help, my awesome Mom, and my aforementioned fave website


jenpet said...

You have joined the ranks of the pet silly - but they do become part of the family!! Can't wait to meet Sage.

Julia M. said...

My brother used to have a malinois. But he proved to be too fierce (he killed multiple sheep), and too much work (they already had 4 children). I'm sure you will enjoy Sage! I love her name!

Donna said...

I just watched "Marley and Me" for the third time, and yes I cried again. Sage sounds like Marley, chewing things up. I am sure she will keep you busy, training, running with her, etc. but one thing for sure you will love her more and more every day.