Thursday, March 17, 2011

Day 18 - almond butter March Madness Jimmer time

With this no inflammation food experiment (I hate the word "diet." I am not on a diet. I am experimenting) I can't eat peanut butter. So, I started eating almond butter.

At first? Not that impressed. But now, I love it.

It's March Madness time!!!!!!

I am so nervous for BYU. Seriously, I am worried about their first game. A common phrase in our house is, "Don't screw the pooch BYU" (adapted from Michael Scott of the Office if you were wondering).

I am also really excited for the Aggies. I was very surprised at their seed. 12? Seriously NCAA seed deciders? Weren't they like 30-3 this season??????

Good luck BYU and Utah State!!!!!!!

I hope we get to say this


Ashley said...

So sad the Aggies lost last night. They did not play well at all. I guess I will be rooting for BYU now as the only Utah team in the conference. Hopefully they do well against Gonzaga.

P.S. I will eat a grilled zuccinni (sp?) for you today.

Julia M. said...

We love almond butter at our house! That's what Phineas usually gets on his sandwiches.

Go cougs!