Tuesday, February 15, 2011

For the Love of Megs....Big gluten free challenge 2011

Day 1

A few years ago my family did a "Big Ride '09" where we all rode our bikes on the Jordan River trail for a while. It really wasn't all that long (compared to the Lotoja that's for sure!) but it was a decent distance. Anyways, so we always reference to the "Big Ride '09."

For the Love of Megs we have the "Big gluten free challenge 2011" or Big GF challenge '11. I guess. We are now officially GF as of today. My family is participating. We were going to start on Valentine's day for the love of Megs (myself, we all know Mitch doesn't write on this thing). We decided with the V-day dinners and treats it was not a good day.

Why for the Love of Megs do you ask? It is an experiment to see if it will help my issues. Yes, I have "issues." I found out about my "issues" about a year ago and have been struggling off an on. Things have recently been getting worse within the last few months so I was talking to my mom and sis the other day by e-mail and Miranda suggested the GF month. I have been trying to get myself to do it for a while but I just don't have the discipline. So, when she suggested we do it as a family it made it sound a little easier.

Here is a glimpse into my "issues." Have you ever tried to lose weight? Dumb question. I am sure we all have. Well, I think I have you beat. Here is an example. For all of last January I ate really healthy and exercised for 2 hours a day. End result? I gained 5 pounds. Not cool body, not cool. Great for the self-esteem. Have you ever had a moment where you were at your heaviest and feel totally gross? Yeah, welcome to my world. Ok, enough of the negativity. That just gives you a glimpse. I have many other unpleasant symptoms but that is one of the worst. As my sis and I have discussed, it is a pos, pia, and sob.

I honestly have no idea if it is going to help. But, it really won't hurt. Most sweets, breads, pastas, sauces, etc. have gluten in them so it will make me eat a lot more whole foods which is good.

Any GF food suggestions are welcome!


Erin said...

A friend of mind from college, Liz, has been eating GF for a while now. You can check out some recipes on her blog. She is also pretty good about posting menu ideas. She is a really great person, and I'm sure she'd be a great support for you if you have any questions or if you are looking for resources.

Her blog is granolaliz.wordpress.com

Catlin said...

Good luck with this! My husband can't eat gluten, so we do a lot of cooking with oat flour (which is okay for some people and not for others) and we use lots of rice, corn tortillas, and potatoes. It isn't easy, but once you figure out a few ideas then it gets better. We also use Jules' Gluten Free Flour (you can find it online) which is a little bit expensive but it makes great pancakes, breads, muffins, etc.

It seems from what I know that those with gluten intolerance tend to lose weight rather than gain because their intestines can't absorb all the nutrients they are eating... but like you said, it can't hurt! Hopefully you can figure out what might be wrong!

Donna said...

Good luck with the diet. It is great that your family is supporting you. I went on an allergy diet a long time ago and couldn't eat any thing with wheat, corn, and milk. At first it was really hard until I experimented with things like rice flour, oat flour, etc. If there is a Whole Foods in your area they have a section with gluten free foods. Love U and good luck. Hope it helps. By the way my family keeps telling me that I looked so good and healthy when I was on the diet.

Ashley said...

I cook from a website called skinnytaste.com almost every night. I'm not sure how many recipes are gluten free or if they can be tweaked to be gluten free, but man are they ever good (and healthy). Some of our favorites are pasta fagioli, chicken viejo, and the healthy burritos. Yum. Good luck!

Jenn and Chris Rasmussen said...

You can also go to all recipes.com and there is. Gluten free section. I have made a few on there for my sister in law. Good luck