Monday, January 24, 2011

Attempting to catch up . . . Garth Brooks!!!!

One of the benefits of living in Nashville is that country stars love to give benefit concerts.

Case in point, Garth Brooks. When that little thing called the flood came around in May it devastated a lot of Nashville and that devastation still remains. So, Garth decided to give a benefit concert. Well, because of the demand he ended up giving 9 concerts. Yes, 9. The tickets were only $25. We ended up not buying any because we had already spent so much money on concerts recently (we went to Michael Buble just a few weeks before. I still need to post on that too).

Luckily, some friends had some tickets they couldn't use so they gave them to us. Yes!!! Matt and Heidi, you are the bomb! I was so excited when Mitch told me.

Here are the great pictures. Ok, not great. They are from my phone and we were in the boonies. Nonetheless, it was still amazing. Garth is an amazing performer and entertainer. AMAZING.

I took many more pictures but here are a few. I am also trying to get a video posted of "The Thunder Rolls" that he sang but it is being very slow. If I do ever get it posted you must listen. Awesome!

This picture of the crowd just doesn't do it justice. The amount of people outside the stadium was unreal!

Oh, and Trisha Yearwood sang too! She's in love with the boy!

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Tricia Squisha said...

HA HA HA HA HA!!! I LOVE YOUR NAME! For years I have secretly called you as a couple these names... only purely becuase it rhymed. I love it! You are too funny.

That just made my day!
Oh, and so jealous of Garth! So fun. He is about the only person i know that can pull off "Garth". Just saying.