Sunday, October 25, 2009


I would like to submit a reimbursement form to the BYU football team. I would like to be reimbursed for the money spent on the Oklahoma and Tulane games because apparently they were just to fake us out as evidenced by the game last night. I would appreciate this check in the next week.

Sorry BYU but this is just not cool. Make a decision! Either be bad or be good. I can't take the fence sitting anymore! Have you learned nothing from your seminary class about fence sitting?

Even the cheerleaders were upset! You know all is wrong when even the cheerleaders can't cheer.


Caleb, Shannyn, and Clark Weiler said...

That picture of the cheerleaders is classic. I love the crusty face the girl is giving. We have been missing out on all of the football this year. :( We STILL have not replaced our tv since the move......losers huh

Austin said...

See, the fact is, 'this' IS BYU Football. That's why it sucks to be a fan. Just had a conversation about this a few days ago.