Sunday, September 20, 2009

updates! Anniversary

So, I know I posted about this a bit before but I couldn't upload pictures. I posted earlier that I received the best gift ever!!!!! I have been asking for this for . . . . . years!!!!!!!!! Finally!

Mitch made me this. I was most excited for this gift because . . .

{click to enlarge the photo}

We are FINALLY going to take some salsa and latin dance classes! When Mitch and I were at BYU we took social dance and country dancing but we just didn't keep it up. Mitch thinks he was horrible but he wasn't. We competed at dancesport for our class and we got pretty dang far. So, he is totally wrong that he is not a good dancer. He always gets upset that I learn dances more quickly than him. Also, he feels embarassed that he can't dance as well as me. By no means am I a great dancer but I have been dancing since I was little so of course it comes more natural to me!

Isn't this card awesome!
The inside on the card was amazing but the this last part on the back was almost as good. Gotta love "The Office"!
Pretty flowers!

Um, yeah. I love jewelry. Especially target jewelry. Actually I am obsessed.

Thanks for the greatest anniversary Mitch! We are starting dance classes next week so now the fun begins!

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Bethany and Thomas said...

Holy Baloney. Your husband wins! Great gifts, especially the dance lessons! Even though my husband can dance his face off, he is intimidated by ballroom and any social dance because he's never really learned. What does he expect for us to do in public now, bust out some Hungarian Csardas? I think not. Well done Mitch.