Monday, August 3, 2009

I almost had to ask my parents for money

But I didn't!

Warning, this is kind of long. If you don't want to read on just know that I am no longer unemployed!

I finally got a job! Ok, to be honest I have had so many interviews over the last two months it is ridiculous. I also had job offers. I didn't accept them and here is why. The reasons fall into these categories. One- The company was crap and I would never want to associate myself with them. Two- I had an awesome offer for an cancer infusion clinic (and offers for other oncology positions)but decided it would not be best considering my mommy's current cancer situation. It started to get to me when I was working at IMC on the oncology floor. Three- I had offers for other places but every time I thought about working there I wanted to throw up. There was really no logical reason. I just felt that way. Weird, I know. Four- I didn't get the job.

Let me explain four. I had an interview for a job that I would have well, been the bomb at. The interviews went well and I felt great about it. Then, I got a letter in the mail stating "although your qualifications were exceptional . . . blah, blah, blah." I was honestly, um, shocked. So, I had to apply again for jobs (I had probably applied for I swear 50 jobs by now -- ridiculous).

There was one job that I was kicking myself (literally) for not taking after I didn't get the aforementioned. But, I just knew I couldn't see myself doing it for more than a few months. I didn't want them to train me and then me just quit when I found something better.

Had a few more interviews and today I was offered a sweet job and I gladly accepted. I like the people and the hours. Yes.

I am so grateful.

Here is a description of what I will be doing. I will be a coordinator for pharmaceutical clinical trials. It might sound boring to some but I think that it will be interesting. Best of all it will be a mixture. This job fits me. I hate to admit this (please don't hate me!) but I hated doing 100% patient care. Call me a jerk, oh well.

Click here if you really want to know more about the job:


Rob Morris said...

Now when I read my journal articles, I can think I know someone who compiles the stats.

Ben and KoriAnn said...

I am glad that you found a job that fits what YOU wanted. Your not a nerd, your brilliant! We miss you!

Joyce said...

You did?

Cottam Family said...

Congrats! What great news! And no, you are not a jerk. I get to deal with "customers" aka students all day. I can totally understand! Congrats again Meg!