Monday, May 18, 2009

Brian Regan, Tuacahn, St. George oh my!

We went to St. George May 7-10 with my cousin KoriAnn and her husband Ben. We went to see Brian Regan at Tuacahn and made a whole weekend out of it. We went biking, shopping (I didn't know that Shade had a store down there. I was not prepared for it! I love that Shade!), shooting, to a session at the St. George Temple, and of course . . . we saw Brian Regan at Tuacahn! So dang funny! I laughed so hard the entire time! The comedian that opened for him, Kermit Apio, was also hilarious. You can only guess with a name like his the funny jokes he had.

Thanks for the fun time KoriAnn and Ben! We must go again! I love printo beans and burritas!

We didn't have our good camera at Tuacahn with us so the pic of Brian Regan is not so good! Is Captain Sullenberger a hero? Uh, Yes!

Thanks for letting us stay at your condo Marge and Joe!

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Julia M. said...

Meg, that looks like so much fun! And I love the dip kiss. You're the perfect couple! :)