Wednesday, February 4, 2009

You know you're pathetic when . . .

You know you're pathetic when you recognize reality stars that were on other reality shows.

Example 1: I recognized that one of The Bachelor girls was on the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders reality show. Go DCC!

Example 2: A So You Think You Can Dance dancer is now on America's Best Dance Crew.

Yes, I am pathetic.


Erin said...

You may be pathetic, but rest assured you are not alone. One day I was watching "My House Is Worth What?" on HGTV and couldn't figure out why I recognized the host. A minute later I realized it was Kendra Todd who was the first woman to win "the Apprentice" (I think she was on season 2).

Call me pathetic

Kassie said...

I heart reality tv!!You are so not pathetic, just very observant! By the way I heart Melissa! (from the bachelor_

Rob Morris said...

I can do the same, except in the realm of sci-fi.

Caleb, Shannyn, and Clark Weiler said...

Hey, I didn't even know that you had a blog. Wow you guys travel a lot!!!! Your life is exciting. Ok, if I had a tv then I would totally recognize all of the reality stars also.
shan shaw