Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Give it up for the fAggies

This post is overdue. I would like to congratulate the fAggies on their 34-14 loss to BYU a few weeks ago. You are probably wondering why I would congratulate a loss. Well, I just have to say that the Aggies are fighters. I couldn't believe how tough they were and that they scored so well on BYU (Don't worry I was yelling through the TV at BYU!). So, congrats Aggies. You lost, but it was a good loss. ( My favorite thing about the whole thing was at the end the Aggie fans were cheering as if they had just won the game. I guess scoring 14 points on BYU is the closest they are going to get).


Tricia Squisha said...

Lay off! We love our Aggies :) Ok, worst come back ever. That comeback is as lame as our football team :(

Chad and Ashley said...

Go Aggies! It is definitely something to celebrate when the Aggies score let alone when they score 14 points!We know our team stinks and it doesn't say much about BYU that they scored on them twice!Not to mention their loss to TCU (P.S. Meg I always want to call them TICU like thoracic icu). Boo to the the cougs!