Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Black Sabbath

How did we decide to break the Sabbath? THE RUNNING OF THE BULLS! It is located in Pamplona, Spain which is in the north of the country.

Sorry, I don´t have pictures yet but I will soon. We went to the running of the bulls and it was really awesome! Who knew that paying so much money for about 1 minute would be sooooo worth it! No really, we payed like 2 euro per second to be there.

So, Mitch was planning on running. It was going to be awesome! But, that all changed when we got the the city. I have never seen so many people more plastered in my entire life and I don´t think I will ever see that many again. The Running of the Bulls should be changed to the ¨Running of the drunks.¨ No seriously. Mitch quickly changed his mind about running when he realized that people don´t get injured from the bulls... people get injured from all of the other drunks when running. All in all it was really fun!

Here are the highlights:

1- We should have know it was going to be full of drunks. The guys behind us on the train had to be careful with their bags because they didn´t want to break the glass bottles with beer in them.

3- Our first step onto the main street was pure terror and fear. Sooooo many drunk people.

4- Our apartment... it would have been nice but Micheal Jude Murphy, the guy who rented it to us, had no business sense. There were dirty towels, sheets, and dishes.

5- International nursing. We come out of our apartment and there is a fight. So, what do I do? I take pictures and then Mitch is like Megs! This guy is really hurt! Luckily the people and police around knew 0% first-aid! So, I had to help. Let´s just say this guy hit the stone path really hard and I am quite afraid he had internal bleeding.

6- The drunks. Everyone single person was plastered.

7- Micheal Jude Murphy. He was the guy who rented us the apartment and balcony. He was from Ireland. He was so stereotypically Irish. We get the apartment with the balcony in the morning and he is there in his bathrobe. We were like.... uh, uh, uh. Then as we are talking to him about girls running he tells us that, yes, girls run but ¨Only the mad bitches run.¨ So funny! Could he be more irish. He was so dang funny. He said some more funny stuff but we will just have to tell you . Writing in the blog just doesn´t give it justice because of the Irish accent.

8- Did I mention all of the drunks? I have never seen so many bars in one location.

There is so much more but this post is getting way too long. We had a blast! But, are very glad to be back.


Erika said...

Sounds awesome! What an experience, and I love the Irish guy. Can't wait to see pictures.

Julia M. said...

Unbelievable! I can hardly believe you actually experienced the running of the bulls. So cool!

Luke and McKenzie said...

I am SO jealous!! What an amazing experience!

Chad and Ashley said...

I am laughing out loud right now! I would have died if Mitch ran in the running of the bulls! Good job on your first aid Meg!

Amanda Jackson said...


I can NOT handle the picture of Michael Jude Murphy. Oh mercy. That is the funniest thing I have ever seen.