Friday, May 23, 2008

My tips

I feel now that I have done a fair amount of travelling so here are my tips....

1. Hand sanitizer. Hand sanitizer. You never know when the bathrooms (or lack of bathrooms) won't have it.

2. Kleenex in a small package. For the same reason above.

3. GPS (although it is pricy). I don't know how we would have driven in Europe without it!

4. Learn the basics phrases of the countries you are visiting. It makes a difference!

5. Make the most of everything. For example, instead of bringing 2 skirts get a reversible skirt!

6. Roll your clothes in your suitcase. It makes a huge difference.

7. Good walking shoes with good insoles!

8. Prepare to pay for things you won't expect: toll roads and bathrooms (yes, you have to pay to use them in Europe even if they are crappy! No pun intended).

9. Bring a purse that can go across your body in case there are some pick-pocketers.

10. Prepare your eyes...there is so much porn everywhere else in the world! You will not believe some of the things I have seen! This is not only in Europe. I saw some nasty stuff in Ecuador too.

11. Last but not least.... McDonald's is your friend. You know you can trust the food! ( I am so uncultured, I know!)


Erika said...

So true! McDonald's is a life saver when you are in some of those countries. Looks like you guys are having fun.

Chad and Ashley said...

Good advice Meg! We miss you!

Luke and McKenzie said...

These are great tips! We always end up at McDonalds wherever we travel! Sounds like you are having a great time! And I love the idea of your travel blog! Great way to keep track of things!