Monday, May 12, 2008

I have added more posts...also I remembered something funny

I have added more posts to our travel bLog. As we were riding the train my brother and I were remembering funny memories. So, back in elementary, roughly 5th or 6th grade my friend Stephanie Ellison and I used to love putting together haunted houses. So, we made one in her backyard and it was a huge success! (I am sure only like 5 people came but in our minds it was awesome). Nevertheless, we made money and though it was awesome! So, we enlisted more people to be the haunted entertainment, including my brother, and expanded to a few more friends' backyards to be the haunted houses. Our business was booming! My brother was reminding me about how he would get on the roof during the haunted house and scare people as they walked by. Good thing my mom just found out now! Anyways, things were just awesome. Until...Ashley Brems. She had a strobe light and when she made a haunted house it just blew ours out of the water. We had a very difficult time keeping our business growing. So, after that year we closed shop because we just couldn't make ends meet. Thanks a lot Ash! Who knows, I could have had a huge haunted house business!

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Erika said...

Oh great, Ash! I can't believe she ruined your business.