Monday, March 24, 2008

Yes! The Hills!

So pretty much I love the Hills on MTV. It is starting tonight and I am pure excited! Yes, I am kind of a loser but oh well. I have been watching ever since Laguna and I can't stop! Pssss...don't tell Mitch I wrote this but he watches it as religiously as I do! I can't wait to see how Paris was (It was probably awful, I hate Paris!). So, are Heidi and Spencer going to get married? Are Brody and Lauren ever going to get together? So much suspense!


Chad, Ashley, and Logan said...

I just watched it, and I knew you would be too! I kept thinking, I bet Meg is watching. How about in the preview for the upcoming season Lauren goes on a date with Stephen. Didn't see that coming. Didn't they date back in the days of Laguna? I can't wait for more episodes. It's way past my bed time.

P.S. We were so good at cleaning roses. Good times at FP.

Luke and McKenzie said...

Megan you are hilarious! I have to admit I have never watched a single episode, but I do have a few connections you may be interested in...1st last summer I saw LC in vegas like 3 ft. away from me! I had no idea who she was, but my 2 friends were freaking out and stalked her for a good 20 min. 2nd there was some chick from Laguna (I think) that moved to Utah...maybe...and she was in my ward for the summer. Yah I don't even know who she is, but if you are the fan that you claim to be, you probably will!